About us



We are proud to introduce ourselves as a trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of insect sex pheromones, including their associated trapping systems, insect mating disruption systems, and Biopesticides.

Our research focuses on Integrated Pest Management (IPM), innovative insect mating disruption systems, and innovative biopesticides, which has tremendous potential and impact on crops in boosting plant defence mechanism.

Farming is the most challenging of all business. Uncertain weather conditions, an increase in pest resistance, and a fluctuating commodity price pushes farmers to the extreme. The whole world depends on their produce!
We at Fytotec understand the importance of their contribution and the sustainability of the farmland. We focus and stress on use of integrated pest management systems and we constantly strive to innovate new formulations with high efficiency and care for the environment.

We take our reputation with a vision of serving the farming community, consumers, businesses and public with innovative cost effective sustainable products for the environment. We do this by continuously delivering innovative formulations and better solutions ahead of the market place which is much needed in this era of high usage of chemicals pesticides.


To provide safe and sustainable solutions for farmers.


To be a leader in innovative and comprehensive solutions provided in plant growth technology and crop protection.


As an entrepreneurial company we work as team on the values of Responsibility, Empowerment and Respect.


We believe in the concept of innovation with sustainability, it is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Along with this we strongly believe in delivering high efficient product with economic feasibility. We consider this as a constant endeavour towards the growth of the farming community and necessary for our growth.